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Wind turbines could serve one in six households by year 2010
The wyndpower group will make it possible with the urban turbine

 meter  spin your electric meter backwards
 reduce or eliminate the electric bill for your home or business
 with an urban wind turbine wyndpower2 with no propellers and no tower

   ck15 begins generating usable power with a gentle 3 to 4 mph breeze
   ck15 vertical axis wind turbines for any urban or remote application
   ck15 performance is independent of ever-changing wind directions
   ck15 mount on backyard patio cover, business flat roof, or hilltop
   ck15 eliminates the world-wide average residential electrical bill
   ck15 designed for areas with low wind speeds of 6 to 12.5 mph
   ck15 no expensive unsafe tower or noisy propellers required
   ck15 a breeze in the trees will bring power to the people

http://www.ecoquestintl.com/cnsmrProducts_Opportunities-Template5.asp?Usr=edjohnson Forward looking statement
According to a former Department of Justice environmental attorney, a licensed Texas attorney since 1971, who has a close association with the manufacturer "The (turbine) is 7 to 10 times more productive than the big, costly, and inefficient windmills one sees on the big windmill farms, at a fraction of the cost. It will generate 2 kilowatts per hour at only 10 mph, and exponentially increases to many more Kilowatts per hour at higher windspeeds." Actual specifications will be released by the manufacturer in mid-2004.
interlace dailydoo tells of modern windpower success
"New generations of smaller, quieter, and more efficient turbines are finding their way into cities and building designs. These high-tech turbines can begin spinning with wind speeds below 5 mph and are whisper quiet, eliminating one problem for urban installations. The new turbines can generate peak power of 7 to 11 kilowatts per hour at rated wind speeds, easily powering the average home at very low wind speeds."

windtr2 Coming soon to rooftops around the world in mid-2004
The wyndpower® group is presently pre-registering independent dealers for worldwide distribution of the newest generation of low-cost low-speed turbines for urban residential and small business application. Millions of the new turbines will decentralize electrical generation as the the personal computer decentralized main frame computing. The product will be launched into the international market in mid-2004.

cal3125 The future is arriving in the year 2004
Wind could serve one in six households by 2010, and the wyndpower® group will make it possible in North America, Australia & New Zealand, Taiwan, Ireland, the Netherlands, Jamaica & the Carribean, and the United Kingdom including England, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland, and soon the world. The new year 2004 is the year of the wind.

"The wind power produced in the entire world
has multiplied nearly fourfold over the last five years,
a growth rate matched only by the computer industry.
The wind power produced in the USA has been doubling
every 3 years, with a 60% growth projected this year."

-- The United States Mission to the European Union

learn more about the urban wind turbinehummvee

celebrate 2004 the year of the wind

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