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As of October 7, 2003, new dealerships are available only in the USA, Canada, England, Wales, Scotland, Northern Ireland, Taiwan, Australia, and New Zealand. However, anyone anywhere in the world may purchase a system for personal use or for resale.

The company President says "It is our goal to bring these mega-products to commercial viability in 2004 and to sell tens of millions of units over a twenty year period. Imagine, if we can sell 10 million of these by the middle of the next decade, our products will be serving as many North American homes as our country's two largest dams combined."

An independent contractor network is currently under development. Commissions will be up to $1500 or more per sale. Pre-register as a dealer NOW and receive sales leads in your area upon product launch. Financing and immediate positive cash flow may be available for qualified buyers.

The potential market for small wind systems is 5 million units in the USA alone according to the Department of Energy. World-wide demand will be in the tens of millions of units. According to a recent study by Shell, renewable energies will contribute 50% of the worldwide energy use by 2050.

Pre-register now as a dealer and receive sales leads in your area upon product launch. To begin this process, complete the survey. A registered dealer is not required to buy or sell any company product, nor involve any other individual in the business.

Go now to FAQ more info on becoming a dealer.


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